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What is the Size of Genshin Impact? These are the Latest Version Sizes for All Platforms!

For those of you who want to try or want to play the Genshin Impact game again, you must be wondering about what size Genshin Impact is now? Calm! You have stopped at the right article!

This time, the author will share information in the form of the latest Genshin size up to version 3.8 update! Check it out!

What is the Latest Genshin Impact Size for Each Platform? Here’s the Answer!

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game developed by HoYoverse. This game always updates regularly and regularly. To this day, Genshin has touched version 3.8 by presenting various kinds of entertaining content.

Version 3.8 presents a variety of interesting content, one of which is the release of new skins for Klee and Kaeya! Don’t forget the newest quests and stories that you will find on the Golden Apple Archipelago map!

Below are detailed Genshin sizes for all the latest platforms up to version 3.8 update! Keep in mind, the size below only includes English Voice Language. If you play this game using other dubs such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean, then you will be exposed to additional data.

Size Genshin Impact Android

Pre-installed version 3.8 has a size of approximately 4.56 GB. If accumulated with the previous version, the entire size of Genshin for Android devices will take up around 20 to 25 GB more.

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Size Genshin Impact iOS

For the iOS platform, it has a size of approximately 3.37 GB. If accumulated with the previous version, the entire Genshin size for iOS devices will take up around 30 GB more.

Size Genshin Impact PC

For the PC platform, update 3.8 has a size of approximately 10.66 GB which if extracted will expand to 15 GB. If accumulated with the previous version, the total size of Genshin for the PC platform will take up more than 80 GB of storage.

Size Genshin Impact PS4 and PS5

For the PlayStation platform, this game does not have a pre-install so it must be updated at the same time on the D day of the update. The download size for version 3.8 for PlayStation starts from 10 GB to 20 GB more to make sure no data is corrupted or damaged.

According to the version 3.8 livestream update yesterday, it has been revealed what content will be present to accompany your days. To be sure, players can’t wait to be faced with cool events that are fun to play!