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Van Gogh's Pokemon Pikachu card is up for grabs by scalpers at a museum

Pokemon Pikachu Van Gogh – The Pokemon franchise is very famous in the world that has presented a variety of products, ranging from games, anime, manga, animated films, to TCG cards. The TCG card game also has fans and players who want to duel with other players with each other.

No wonder the TCG card has a limited or rare version that is difficult to obtain. One of them is the Pokemon Pikachu card with a Van Gogh-style design. However, the card became a hot item for scalpers when this special card was sold at a museum.

Pokemon Pikachu Van Gogh Card for Sale, Scalpers Scramble for it

On September 28, 2023, a collaboration between Pokemon and the Van Gogh Museum was held in celebration of the museum’s Anniversary. In an exhibition, visitors could purchase a variety of special merchandise from the collaboration, ranging from statues, dolls, tote bags, and more. Including a special edition Pokemon Pikachu Van Gogh card.

The merchandise was made with the aim of attracting young people to be interested in Van Gogh’s paintings. This way, they will be curious and explore Van Gogh’s masterpiece paintings along with the Pokemon franchise.

However, the celebration was chaotic with many people fighting over the special cards. People flocked to buy the Van Gogh Museum’s special Pokemon x merchandise and pushed each other, creating a chaotic scene that was difficult for the museum staff to manage.