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Stumble Guys released a new update on Friday, December 22, 2023, adding a new way to play.

Tetrimino Blocks from the world-famous and iconic Tetris® game will be used to create new game mechanics in the battle royale game.

In addition to new maps, Tetris-themed cosmetics and accessories will gradually arrive and blend seamlessly into the Stumbleverse.

Stumblers will enjoy a whole new Tetris experience as they compete to be the last Stumbler to survive various obstacles.

One of the obstacles is on top of a Tetrimino-shaped object for an experience full of fun and silliness.

This all-new level will bring the fun and chaos of surviving on a Tetris Matrix full of surprises, where players must be careful not to get blown away by Tetris’ signature Line-Clearing event or fall off Tetrimino blocks.

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As the Tetris board clears, players can be knocked off the map as Tetriminos start falling, moving and spinning faster and faster until more players are eliminated.

“This amazing collaboration with Tetris has created a whole new level of ‘Stumble Guys’. Integrating the much-loved Tetris signature experience into ‘Stumble Guys’ will give players a sense of nostalgia and plenty of excitement as they try to complete the game before the Tetriminos fall,” said Naz Amarchi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of “Stumble Guys” Scopely.

“This collaboration is truly a unique experience that combines the timeless appeal of Tetris with the lively and engaging world of ‘Stumble Guys,'” said Maya Rogers, CEO of Tetris. “This is more than just a merger of two fan-favorite games, but a celebration of both creativity and fun that we believe players around the world will love. As 2024 approaches, we are excited to announce our collaboration with ‘Stumble Guys’ to kick-off the 40th anniversary of the Tetris brand.”

In the new Stumble Guys update, there will also be new cosmetics such as; Stumbler, Emote, Footstep, and Victory Dance.

Not only that, players can also find Limited-Time Collection Events, Special Events, and Tournament Season, as well as Daily Mission achievements and rewards for players in all events.

Players will also receive a 15 percent discount on all purchases other than base gems and tokens as well as a welcome offer by using this code “DECEMBER2023”.

“Stumble Guys” is played by tens of millions of players every week, and recently revealed plans to debut on consoles, starting with Xbox.

Fans can pre-register now at to join the party on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 and receive launch benefits, including early Beta access and free launch gifts.