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Physical Version of Starfield for PC Reportedly Comes Without Disc, Just Code

Despite Bethesda’s track record of releasing a game full of bugs and glitches, their newest space RPG game — Starfield is arguably still being anticipated by gamers, especially those planning to play on PC because the developer himself promised full support for his modding community.

Talking about Starfield for PC, please note that the physical version of the game will come without a disc and will only include a code, which can later be redeemed and download the digital version. This also applies to players who plan to buy the most expensive edition — Constellation Edition.

As a note, Bethesda also explained that players will still be able to choose a code to redeem on the Windows Store or Steam, for those who buy the “physical” or digital PC version. Furthermore, players who plan to play the game on an Xbox console because the physical version will still present the disc as usual.

It is undeniable that many developers and publishers are slowly shifting towards delivering fully digital game products. But not a few players still buy the physical version of a game, usually as a form of sentiment and collection.

Back to talking about the game, Starfield itself is Bethesda’s biggest game at the moment, but at the same time it is also claimed to be their game that will come with the fewest bugs.

Starfield is slated for release on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It will also be coming to Game Pass at the launch of the game.

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