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PC Version for Final Fantasy XVI is Under Development, When Will it be Released?

Final Fantasy XVI has been released exclusively for PS5 and many Final Fantasy fans give this game high ratings. This has also created a lot of requests for PC gamers to release Final Fantasy XVI on their favorite platform.

Reporting from PC Gamer (Via IGN), Naoki Yoshida as producer of Final Fantasy XVI said that the PC version still needs optimization. “We will share more about the PC version when appropriate. Stay tuned for this.”

Developments regarding the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI have been a bit up and down. Starting from the reveal trailer which said “also available on PC” although Sony finally removed it, Yoshida, who had denied the existence of FFXVI on PC, said that FFXVI was only exclusive for six months on PS5. However, with this news, we can wait for FFXVI to arrive on PC even though there is no definite release date yet.