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New Remnant 2 Patch Nerf Two of Its Best Weapons

Remnant 2 was just released in July 2023, and this game made by Gunfire Games has become one of the most popular among gamers.

Even though it is already present on the next-gen platform, Gunfire is known to have released the latest Remnant 2 patch and nerfed two of its best weapons. What weapon is it? Let’s explore together!

Flash the Latest Remnant 2 Patch Info

Patch Remnant 2 Nightfall 1024x576 1

Launching from the official website, Nightfall got a nerf through the latest patch. This Long Gun type weapon is obtained after fighting the Nightweaver, and the developer will lower the rate on fire in both Standard and Dreadwalker modes.

This was done so that Nightfall was considered too broken compared to other weapons, so Gunfire Games finally decided to reduce Nightfall’s rate of fire so that it could be balanced with other Long Gun weapons.

Patch Remnant 2 Enigma 1024x576 1

Not only Nightfall, Handgun Enigma was also nerfed. This weapon, which is called the main broken weapon for short distances, has its Overload Application reduced from 40 to 30. In addition, the Tether effect given by Enigma will be lowered from 75% to 65%.

Finally, the developer also reduced Enigma’s magazine capacity from 30 to 25, and the total ammunition that was originally 120 was increased to 125. This was done because it is so broken, Enigma can even destroy enemy shields or armor no matter how thick it is when used.

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The following information can be seen below:

image 6 14 1024x1024 1

That’s information about the nerf of the two best weapons in the latest Remnant 2 patch.

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So recently, there was a secret Archetype that was just discovered. Interestingly, the Archetype cannot be accessed easily at least for ordinary players.