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New Character Azucena Tekken 8 Presents Stunning in the Latest Trailer!

Bandai Namco recently announced 2 characters for their latest game. One of the characters is a new character, namely Azucena Tekken 8. With the presence of this new character, of course, it will make the game even fresher.

This announcement was announced at the EVO 2023 event which is the biggest annual fighting game event. Many games have announced their latest information there, such as Mortal Kombat 1 which also announced the latest trailer.

New Character Azucena Tekken 8 Nicknamed Coffee Queen

The Perfect Blend Coffee Queen 1024x576 1

In the nearly 3-minute trailer, Bandai Namco shows some information and gameplay from Azucena. This character comes from the country of Peru and really likes coffee.

Peru itself is known as a country that also produces one of the best coffees in the world. Of course, this reference is quite accurate, considering that Harada, as the maker of Tekken games, always creates characters with precise real-world references.

Azucena is the first Peruvian character in the Tekken series. With the nickname “Perfect Blend” which refers to coffee and also several animations showing him drinking coffee, this character seems to be a twilight connoisseur.

The movement of this character is very interesting where the moveset that he has seems to be inspired by the local dance moves and how he fights

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Azucena Tekken 8 Was Leaked Sometime Before the Announcement

Before the official announcement, Azucena and Raven accidentally leaked on the official Bandai Namco EU website. This leak is not the first time that Bryan Fury has also accidentally leaked.

In addition, someone also tried to do Datamining using Cheat Engine and found several characters that were planned for release, one of which was Raven. Azucena is not seen in this leak.

Even though it was leaked, it doesn’t mean the hype from the fans is gone. Because when you see the official announcement, it will feel more satisfying and there are not a few surprises in the Trailer which can maintain the hype of the Tekken 8 game fans.

Currently, the Tekken 8 game still doesn’t have an official release date. For the platform itself, this game will soon be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | platform X, and PCs.