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Free Fire is known to have released a lot of various new updates that can be found in the game. Well, this time 111dots studio is back with Winstreak Medal Free Fire, where you can see cool reward or achievement writing.

Apart from that, this one feature can show that you are a true pro player as well as a flexing ground for old friends. Curious as to what right? Let’s explore together!

About Winstreak Medal Free Fire and How to Get It

Free Fire Winstreak Medal and How to Get It

Winstreak Medal Free Fire is a feature where Players can show off their awards for continuous wins or winstreaks with a Booyah Bingkah inscription which is of course cool.

How to get Free Fire Medals? The way to get the Free Fire Winstreak Medal is to win consecutively according to the conditions. The Free Fire Winstreak Medal feature allows survivors to compete to achieve these rewards.

Apart from that, the presence of Pistol Fury Mode can add to the experience of playing FF even more exciting, challenging, and getting Booyah. This mode is also one of the things to celebrate the game’s 6th year anniversary followed by other events that you can find in the game.

Zohopublic Form Can Get Free FF Diamonds, Real or Hoax?

Talking about FF games, lately a form has appeared which has become a hot topic for players. The form is called Zohopublic, where survivors can get free Diamonds for free.

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Zohopublic is a form site that can provide free FF Diamonds to players. To get it, players are required to fill out a form according to the required data.