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All FIFA Games Suddenly Pulled from Distribution, Why?

All FIFA Games Pulled from Distribution – There was no wind and no rain, gamers discovered that all FIFA games had suddenly disappeared from digital purchase service platforms. What exactly happened?

Why all FIFA games are being pulled from circulation

Reporting from the MauroNL Twitter account, ahead of the release of EA Sports FC 24 on September 29, all FIFA games from FIFA 14 to FIFA 23 have been removed from all digital distribution stores.

Upon further investigation, it turns out that this is true. At least on Steam, Epic Games and EA App, all FIFA games have been removed, leaving only FIFA 23, which can only be accessed for a long time without any purchase options.

Now the only way for those of you who are still interested in playing the previous FIFA games is through EA Play, a monthly subscription service from EA. That, too, will most likely not last long.

EA hasn’t commented on the removal yet, but considering their relationship with FIFA has been on the rocks for the past year, it seems everyone knows what’s going on.