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3 Fontaine Characters Announced to be Coming to Genshin Impact 4.0

HoyoVerse announced 3 Fontaine characters that will be present in the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.0. These three characters are Lyney and Lynette and Freminet. The Lyney-Lynette twins have been the subject of conversation since their first release in the Genshin Impact teaser video. However, this is the first time

Although leaks about them have been running around the community, this is the first time we are hearing an official announcement about the three. The following is an explanation of each of them.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Will Open with These 3 Fontaine Characters!

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So far, dozens of leaks of Fontaine’s character have been circulating in cyberspace and have shocked the community. Now, the players have been waiting for a bright spot with the official announcement of the Genshin Impact drip marketing for the upcoming patch.

According to the official description, Lyney is an accomplished magician along with Lynette, her sister. Recent rumors say that he may look like a friendly character, but he actually has a dark side too. He doesn’t care about anything other than himself and his little brother.

He is confirmed as a character holding Pyro’s vision. However, it is unclear what weapon he is holding. According to fans, Lyney Genshin Impact holds the Bow weapon and becomes the Main DPS with a *5 rarity.

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In contrast to her sister, Lynette is more humble. If anyone wants to do an interview with her, this beauty prefers to avoid saying “I want to be stunned first,”.

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Genshin Impact’s Lynette is confirmed as an Anemo character. That is, he will be very synergized with his older brother. And apparently, he will be present as a *4 character because there aren’t too many leaks about him.

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Lastly, there is Freminet, a skilled diver who is also the younger brother of Lyney-Lynette. Compared to his two brothers, Freminet really chooses to stay away from the public spotlight because he thinks people’s stares and comments disturb his breathing.

Freminet Genshin Impact is also rumored to be a *4 character. And according to the splash art above, it’s clear that he will be holding the Hydro element and the Claymore weapon. Fans hope that HoYoverse will release the kit properly and really be useful if The Bell is equipped with the official art above.

That’s the drip marketing of the three Fontaine brothers which will be released in the upcoming 4.0 update. Do you already know which one to pull?