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PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Ace 3 (RP A3) Prize List

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This season’s Royale Pass features a variety of exciting exclusive rewards. Here’s a list of free permanent skins that players can claim:

RP A3 (Free)
Permanent skins: Ashamed Emote, Steampunk Raider Parachute, Wing It Emote, Brawler Master Set, and Cursed Claw Pan.

RP A3 (Elite):
All the rewards of RP A3 (Free).
Permanent skins: Gutsy Lass Set, Gutsy Lass Cover, Uncanny Carnival FAMAS, Spectral Night Plane, Ghastly Gloom Helmet, Ghastly Gloom Mini14, Nitro Maniac Emote, Nitro Maniac Set, Nitro Maniac Cover, Circus of Screams Crossbow (Lv.1), Deadly Carnival M10. ), Deadly Carnival M1014, Clockwork Ursa Backpack, Beary Disco Ornament, Flashy Fox Sidecar Motorcycle, Magic Puff Smoke Grenade, Lunahowl Emote, Luxurious Overlay SCAR-L, Lunahowl Mask, and Lunahowl Set (Lv.1).

RP A3 (Elite Plus):
All rewards of RP A3 (Free) and RP A3 (Elite).
Additional benefits: RP A3 exclusive Avatar Frame and Emote, as well as 50% Bonus Weekly Challenge Points

How to Claim PUBG MOBILE Royale Pass Ace 3 (RP A3) Prize

To claim rewards, players only need to level up the Royale Pass by completing missions accessible on Ace 3’s Royale Pass page. There are 50 levels, each of which will give different rewards, depending on the type of Royale Pass the player has.

Completing missions will give RP Points to level up the RP A3. If you find the mission difficult, it can be completed instantly using Mission Cards or UC.

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Royale Pass Ace 3 is available from September 14 – November 13, 2023. Are you ready to claim PUBG MOBILE’s latest rewards? Join the Sunshine Delight and complete your collection!