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GTA 5 Android – Gamers who have craved many premium AAA games generally rely on a PC or even a console to play them. It is said to be an entertainment that is quite expensive to get.

Recently there was news that the GTA 5 game on Android can already be played with an emulator. Seriously?!

GTA 5 on Android Can Already Be Played Using an Emulator

The amazing achievements of the gamer community are endless, especially in terms of creativity. No exception to gamers who are able to port games to other devices, albeit unofficially.

Based on the information obtained, the GTA 5 game is known to be able to be played on Android devices using an emulator. What is more surprising is that the smartphone in question turns out to be a smartphone that is fairly mid-range spec for now.

Specifications to Play GTA 5 Android with Emulator

Someone named Duo_Teaching_6974 on the Reddit forum. He said that a modder managed to make the GTA game playable on Android devices. The work that has been done takes more than 10 years.

It is known that to be able to play the GTA 5 game on Android requires a gadget with a minimum chipset specification of Snapdragon 870 series. In addition, gamers need to use an emulator to be able to play the PS3 version of the GTA game on Android.

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From the information obtained, the Grand Theft Auto 5 game emulation was carried out on a POCO F3 device with 8 GB of RAM. In the emulation process itself, the game managed to run at FPS almost touching 30 FPS. Unfortunately, with these low specifications, this game is quite heavy with almost 90% RAM consumption.

Some gamers are constantly amazed by the ability of current devices to perform this impossible task. Especially if the device is actually a fairly old device too after 2 years.

If this year it is true that a device is able to accommodate the specifications of a heavy game like GTA 5, gamers who cannot afford to own it can certainly be able to experience it fully at least until Grand Theft Auto 6 is released.