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Call of Duty x The Boys Collaboration Presents Homelander, Starlight and Black Noir Characters

Call of Duty x The Boys Collaboration – Collaboration through crossover is one of the unique ways that is commonly used as promotional media.

In video games, crossovers generally become an update or a special event, for example like Fortnite which regularly presents various iconic characters from pop culture media.

Recently, the famous FPS game, Call of Duty, also held a crossover event. The collaboration will feature characters from the TV series The Boys with Homelander, Starlight and Black Noir as new operators.

Call of Duty X The Boys Becomes an Event in Season 4 Reloaded

Announced live on Vought International’s YouTube channel, the TV series made by Amazon is ready to appear in COD Modern Warfare II and also Warzone II starting July 12. This collaboration will be part of the latest update in season 4 reloaded.

The announcement was made via a trailer in the style of a press conference, which fans of The Boys are sure to be familiar with. The trailer states that Homelander, Starlight and Black Noir will be arriving as new operators.

Each character seems to also have a special ability. For example, Black Noir can use a knife as his “favorite weapon”. But currently the abilities of other characters are still not shown.

[Rumor] Mortal Kombat 12 DLC Game Brings Peacemaker and Homelander

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Although popular through the TV series, the title The Boys seems to be starting to creep into video games. Collaboration with COD is just the beginning, rumor has it that Homelander and Peacemaker characters will also be available in the new Mortal Kombat game.

Different from the superhero genre in general, The Boys has a unique concept which displays the dark side of superheroes.

This uniqueness even made Hideo Kojima want to develop a game with the same theme, until he got approval from actors and TV series creators.